PPPOA failures on IOS 15.1

September 17 2011

Just a quick one. All latest versions of version 15.1 IOS on CCO have a major bug when it comes to ADSL.

If the underlying ATM interface bounces at any point, the PPPOA dialer interface will go down, and will never recover without a reboot. The ATM interface will show as up, however all outbound packets will be dropped. PPP will show request time outs as if the remote end isn’t responding.

We have a TAC case open and will update this post with fix details. It’s been acknowledged by TAC as a bug.

15.0(1)M trains seem to be ok, and it seems to be something that has crept into 15.1.

Barry Hesk

Keyloggers available for iOS

13 April 2011
Interesting new post on Sophos’ nakedsecurity portal. Basically it seems to show that key logging software is available for iOS which runs many of Apple’s products including the iPhone.

The full article is available here

Obviously Apple iOS is not related to Cisco’s IOS which runs many of their routing and switching platforms. Net result – be careful what you install on your iPhone, particularly if you use it for sensitive stuff like online banking!