Cisco 2960X Switch Range Announced

As of 4th June 2013, Cisco have announced the 2960X range of switches. Building on the existing 2960 and 2960S ranges, the 2960X is a fixed configuration gigabit switch available in both PoE and non PoE models.

The 2960X offers a number of configuration options including:

Flex Stack Plus modules (compatible with existing Flex Stack modules in 2960S switches)

A range of software options including LAN Lite, LAN Base and IP Lite.

IP Lite provides basic L3 IP connectivity including unicast routing, and other features such as PIM, HSRP, OSPF and PBR. Redundant power supplies are available for some of the models.

A data sheet on the 2960X is available here.

The 2960X is also meant to be Cisco’s first production switch to support the Cisco ONE API which will allow the unit to be integrated into SDN networks. SDN is the hot buzz word at the present time, and brings Wireless Controller-like architectures and topologies to wired infrastructures.


Barry Hesk

Intrinsic Network Solutions