Cisco announces new Nexus Switches and ASA

20th October 2011

Cisco announces new Nexus Switches

Cisco today announced their latest iteration of the Nexus coverged storage and data switches.

Network World have a good article covering the announcements

In summary:

  • New switching fabric called imaginatively, “fabric-2” which scales to 550GB per slot – more than twice the thoughput on the original fabric.
  • New Nexus 3016 which provides 16 ports of 40GB Ethernet.
  • New Nexus 4048 – provides 48 10/100/1000 Mbps ports plus 10GB uplinks
  • Fabricpath support for the Nexus 5500 series providing multiple active layer 2 paths across a “top of rack” topology
  • ASA 1000V firewall – Cisco’s first purely software based firewall – using the same underlying technology as the 1000V switch

Price points are said to be “competitive” – which for Nexus probably means “expensive”.

Barry Hesk

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