AIM2-CUE in 2900 Series ISRs

18 April 2011:Another little gotcha for you.

The AIM2-CUE modules do NOT work in the new 2900 series ISR G2 platforms. They’ve been around (and are still shipping) for the 2800 series platforms, however they will neither fit nor work in the 2900 series units.

The replacement part code is ISM-SRE-300-K9 which will need CUE 8.x loading on it.

Also, licensing in CUE 8.x has changed and you now no longer receive any port or user licenses as standard (you used to receive 6 port licenses and 12 mailbox licenses as part of the AIM2-CUE bundle). The part codes that now need to be ordered are:


 These are the VM port licenses (in blocks of 2), IVR (including database access again in blocks of 2) and mailboxe licenses (in blocks of 5). 

The Version 8.x GUI has now changed radically as well, and you can no longer use it to configure CUCME.


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