RSA Security End of Sale Authentication Manager 6.1.

15th October 2012

RSA Security End of Sale Authentication Manager 6.1

RSA Security, owned by EMC, today formally announced the End of Sale date for RSA Authentication Manager version 6.1. As version 7.x of their product has been available for a number of years, it is fair to assume the uptake on the new version hasn’t been what RSA would have wanted. Much increased hardware specifications, slower performance and a totally different, some may argue less intuitive, user interface are the main reasons why IT departments even now seem to prefer the old version.

As of November 30th 2012, new RSA customers won’t have any alternative but to order version 7.1. Existing customers on the old version will still be supported, however it is probably fair to assume that now being formally end of sale, end of support won’t be far behind.

The full announcement is available here:

Barry Hesk
Intrinsic Network Solutions