Cisco October 2011 Product Quick Reference Guide

October 14th 2011

Cisco October 2011 Product Quick Reference Guide

I recently retweeted a link from Cisco that provided access (supposedly) to an online version of the new October 2011 Product Guide.

Obviously Cisco likes to keep things a secret as the process for actually getting hold of the thing was convoluted at best. Maybe we’re all under a need to know basis, and we don’t need to know.

Anyway, I’ve managed to download the thing and have put it into the Downloads section of the Intrinsic web site. This is password protected (following Cisco’s security model) so if you need to grab a hold of it, let us know (email and we’ll define you an account.

Barry Hesk

Twitter updates from Intrinsic Connect

12 October 2011

Twitter updates from Intrinsic Connect

We’ve recently integrated posting direct from Twitter into Intrinsic Connect. This way we can share with you any interesting information that we subscribe to from other industry feeds. The format of these postings is slightly different to ones that we create. The subject will look like:

RT @*Source* *Subject* *Content*

This is simply due to Twitter’s 140 character message limitation. There will also generally be a “” hyperlink to the actual page in question. Postings from Intrinsic Connect also synchronise the other way, and end up on our Twitter Feed

Any questions, please contact us.


Barry Hesk

Call Waiting on Cisco 6921, 6941 and 6961 Handsets

7th October 2011

Call Waiting on Cisco 6900 Series handsets

An additional update to one of our previous posts.

As mentioned previously, the Cisco 6900 series handsets only support one call per line. This means that Call Waiting, which is supported on 99.9% of other handsets does not work on the 6900s out of the box. The only way to configure Call Waiting is to assign a line to another button on the handset (assuming you have one spare) and then configure “call forward busy” on the first line to send calls to this.

Only one word for this. Ugly.

Buyer beware. The 6900s look very attractive because of their price point, however the more we see, the less we like.

6900 Series Handset

Barry Hesk

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 8.6(2) Upgrade

7th October 2011

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 8.6(2)

Nice little challenge if you’re upgrading any Cisco MCS7825H3 servers to CUCM 8.6(2) or indeed Unity Connection to the same release.

In a nutshell, the upgrade process converts the RAID on the server from hardware to software based and effectively results in a total reformat of the machine during the process. A few points about this:

  • You need to attach an external USB storage drive with a minimum size of 16GB (CUCM) or 128 GB (CUC) to the physical server. During the upgrade the server will dump off its current config to the USB drive and then import it after the format is complete.
  • The USB drive will be reformatted during the operation so beware!
  • Obviously this means that remote upgrades will not be possible, and physical access to the machine will be required.
  • Finally, as the server is formatted, you cannot switch back to the old version like you can on most other upgrades. The only way to revert the software is to reimage the entire server, and restore from DRS backup. Ouch!

A link the release notes is here which provides more details on the process.

Because of the RAID conversion, the process can take at least a couple of hours longer than previous upgrades.

Not as straight foward as other upgrades it is fair to say.

Barry Hesk